Road to Empowerment

"Elevation Lane"

Career Development and Training Tips 

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Career Development is the lifelong process of learning yourself when it comes to work, leisure and

 managing your life to become a better you.

T​he Difference Between a Career and a Job

CAREER: a profession for which one trains and 

 is undertaken as a permanent calling. 

JOB: a regular paid position .

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How to get a job/ better job ?

Can a job become a career ?

How to find a career ?

Some benefits of a career and/or job

Types of employee benefits and perks

Medical Coverage

Dental insurance

Vision insurance

Mental health coverage 

Specialist services

Mental health coverage 

Prescription and pharmacy

College grants and scholarships

aid training and development

Continuing education

Travel and spending expenses

Company transportation

Remote work felicity legibility

Living stipends 

Life insurance policies

Paid sick leave

Retirement planning

Disability benefits

Workers compensation

Family leave

Students loan repayments

Investment opportunities'