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T​he difference between a Career and a job

Career: a profession for which one trains and is undertaken as a permanent calling.

Job: a regular paid position description nice and short.

How to get a job/ better job ?

Evaluate your skills to determine type of job to apply for

Use search engines for job opportunity

Patriciate in job fairs

Word of mouth

Local bill boards   

Can a job become a career ?

A job becomes a career when you see opportunity for advancement. These advancements don't necessarily have to be promotions; but it has to be something along the lines of learning a new skill set or feeling that the company is investing in you as a person and seeing you as a viable asset to the company.

How to find a career

Be willing to start over

Go back to school, take an online course

Volunteer or intern to learn new skills

Use non-tradition ways to find a job such as social media platform ,Facebook and or LinkedIn.