Career Development Tips


Feel like you have more things to do than 

there is time in the day?

Well, no​w is the right moment to start prioritizing your time…..

➢ Start by making a list of all the things you need to take care of; 

everything that comes to your mind.

➢ Next, create groups and begin to combine things that are 

common or have similar points.

➢ In each group, list items based on importance.

➢ Look over each group and set a timeline of completion.

➢ Now that you have set timelines, place the 

groups in order of importance/priority.

➢ Plug the most important items into your day as they fit.

➢ Remember some things may overlap,  so be sure to review your list often​.

Set Goals

First, start by creating a list of short and long-term goals for your career development.

A short-term goal is in the "near future".....

(​today, tomorrow, next month or even by the 

end of the year).

Here are some examples of short-term goals to

accomplish f​or career development.

​​* Keep your desk or workspace organized

This can help you keep track of assignments and

avoid misplacing documents.

* Arrive to work early

This allows you to get on assignments and maybe

complete some projects. This time c​an also be used to reduce stress and help with time management.

*Communicate better with co-workers

This helps maintain a healthy work relationship.

It reduces misunderstandings while

increasing work productivity.

Now, on to long term goals

A long-term goal is in the "distant future"

(several years from now)​.

It takes time and planning.....

Here are some examples of long-term

goals to consider.

* Improve leadership skills

This can help build confidence and allow 

career growth. It can make day to day operations

run smoother.

*Gain management experience

This allows for increase in pay. It can also help you

to become an effective leader, problem solver and

a help to others.

*Learn a new skill or new technology

This can help you stay valuable with your company/business and build confidence.

You must work hard and take the necessary steps

to improve your growth in the workplace.....



Decision-making is the process of identifying and

selecting alternatives.

Here are a few steps to take to improve your

decision-making skills:

*Identify the situation, challenge or opportunity.

* Note potential solutions or actions that can be taken.

* List the advantages and disadvantages of each option. 

-Discuss the pros and cons to see which option fits best.

* Choose the decision you want to proceed with and

measure the results.

With each decision you make, think of the

short- and long-term impact


As cliché as this may sound, believing in yourself is very important for career development. Believing in yourself can be described as having faith in your abilities, trusting yourself and overcoming self-doubt.

Let’s take this a little further….

 Faith in your abilities

*Be realistic about your talents.

*Be confident with the skills that you have.

*Don’t be afraid to learn more/grow your skills.

Trust yourself 
*Start with things you know you are good with.

*Take responsibility for your actions, the end results.
*Don’t hesitate to learn more and improve your abilities.
*This will help to build your confidence.

Overcome self-doubt

*Think positively.

*Most times you are your harshest critic.

*Be kind to yourself.

*Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

-Everyone does

You can do this!

*Remember, " I can do all things through Christ

who strengthens me."

 Philippians 4:13*